In what way it works?

bitcoin mix service

Users of our system are safe while mixing coins. Right after sending your coins to us, they would be mixed up with others in the system, we own more than 2000 BTC! Because of mixing, it would be unattainable to determine form where the coins are coming and who would receive them. And also because of we have really big amount of coins in the system, users would not wait for their coins, that were mixed.

Your BTC have a special symbol

It happens, that customers have some worries about whether they would receive their own coins, that they have send us. We can promise you, such event would not happen. All coins that you send us have a special symbol, so you can just be sure that you would never have them back. We care about our customers and would never put them in the peril. Security, freedom and independence – three words that can describe CryptoMixer.

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