How much time you need to mix coins?

Nowadays we have 120000 million dollars in the fund, you would receive your mixed coins back just in the few seconds. No need to wait for other users to send their coins! Also you need to ensure, that the right amount is transmitted as a fee for our system, together with the transaction itself, because if you won’t do this, your coins can be not dispatched because of the low fee. What’s more, in order to be sure, that other people don’t have an approach for the fee, in case to discover the resemblance of deals, that were made, we can make a time setback for every farther direction device to get Bitcoins.

Confessing the transaction. How many confirmations is needed?

Confirmations depends from the amount of the Bitcoins:

  • You would need one confirmation if you send less than 25 Bitcoins;
  • You would need three confirmations if you send less than 250 Bitcoins;
  • You would need four confirmations if you send less than 1000 Bitcoins;
  • You would need five confirmations if you send more than 1000 Bitcoins;

If I closed the program before I get the confirmation by mistake?

When we get your direction, you can easily close the page, so just no worries if you did that. All deal would be done mechanically corresponding to the commission lot above 24 hours.

For how much time I can use my address?

The answer is 24 hours; it would be valid only for 24 hours. All the information would be removed after that time. Next deals with previous address would be neglected.

What are you recording?

We are not recording anything. No data is kept, that could help to identify the user in any way. Each record is destroyed regularly, you can be sure in organizational performance and also privacy of the customers.

The biggest transaction, that I can make?

The is no clear answer, because it is just depending on the fund of the Bitcoins and how much coins are in the system now. We care about security of each customer and that is why do not send them coins, that they gave us earlier. In any way, we would send you a notification, if there would be some limits on coins, that could be sent.

Do you have inferior limit for the transactions?

All you need to know is that we do not accept transactions, which are under .001 Bitcoin. Such small amount would be considered as a donation in our system, so please, just be aware of such fact.

I have really big number of BTC, can I trust your system?

Firstly, take into account that thing, that we have more than 2000 Bitcoins in our fund. Also we have demonstrated our stores in the BitcoinTalk (1, 2, 3). The main aim is to build trusting relationship with our customers. But if you are not sure whether to transmit a big quantity of coins, you are able to send the money to the mortal time or period in place of the amount of transactions. And always remember that you own a special clue, that would never mix coins, transmitted to the system before.

A CryptoMixer clue, what is it?

Before the first transaction in our system, each customer is given a special clue. With help of it you can ensure, that the coins, that you have send us before would not return to you. The clue helps us to provide users security and safety.

A Letter of Guarantee. All that you need to know about it?

Right after you gave us an address where we need to send the coins, we would provide you with the verification, that was signed in a digital form, in case to confirm that the given address was produced earlier by our system. It would help you to confirm the legality of each deal and also be sure, that all coins were transmitted to the correct direction. To provide the trust in the system for the customers we created this form to the Bitcoin account 1CrypMixXWtTjYGCM5ZJmyQYP1Y39P7Alm and also you can use it to confirm the digital signature for the wallet. It is an evidence of all responsibilities out of our side all customers need to keep it somewhere before giving their coins. It is very important, because it only the one thing, that can confirm the transaction, that was done by your system.

What I need to confirm the Letter of Guarantee?

  1. Bitcoin Wallet. You need to open it.
  2. Select the data set.
  3. Choose option called “Verify Message”.
  4. Than just add following address: 1CrypMixXWtTjYGCM5ZJmyQYP1Y39P7aLM, and “Letter of Guarantee” as a main massage (just paste the info of START/END unit) and add digital signature
  5. Tap on the “Verify” button

For what I need to pay the fee?

This fee is only for your safety and security. If someone is aware of your fee, it would be possible to dissect the account book, that is open for everyone, yclept Blockchain to check what deals were done and then find out your account. If you are sending 100 Bitcoins the fee would be 5 percent plus .00005 Bitcoins, so the final amount is 99.4995 Bitcoins. So if anyone would have a desire to track your transaction, it would be more simple to do it with help of this fee. You can ask, why you are not doing this whit help of the transactions, the answer is following – it is almost impossible to do it in such way because all transactions are almost same.


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