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We keep your coins in safety from 2018 [ANN]

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We keep your coins in safety from 2018 [ANN]

Really all Bitcoin commune made an impact on the process of creating this service. We are protecting our service by all means, because everyone understands, that the system is established on the total belief. What’s more we provide a “Letter of Guarantee” for every deal. Also our services are working for you in any time of the day or night. The main aim of the system is just to make transactions safer and provide total privacy for the customers.

But why it is reasonable to mix coins, that you have?

Warrant Intelligencer

It is true, that all substructures are under maintenance of our system. And for so many years of our work we have never faced info violation. All information is available in any time for the customers, also we have never been induced to mutate the service in order to give a right for third persons see the data.

As of Here are some stations, that we are behooving:

  • National Security letters were not obtained by us;
  • Gag orders were also not received by the company;
  • No warrants from administration organization were obtained.

Here is some info about our main practice, that we follow: CryptoMixer doesn’t record any actions of the customers, in order to make sure, that they would remain in safety and use the service securely.

With our mixer for Bitcoins you can save your currency noteless

Thousands of people all around the world started using such technology, as Blockchain, because of the digital age, and using such system really changed the way of buying some things and making transactions. Total secrecy – important feature of using such smart technologies. Despite this, the interesting thing, is that Blockchain has a records of all transactions and really everyone can see them, if they would have such desire. That is why we are representing a mixer for coins, because it is new level for protecting your identity.

Our system for mixing Bitcoins is called CryptoMixer. You can also hear words such as toggle switch or blender. Provide a total confidentiality for the customers’ digital holdings – is the main purpose of the system. The way it works is very simple – the CryptoMixer just mixes coins with the coins in the system of the program and with help of this gives you confidentiality. We are helping our customers to make their Bitcoins almost invisible, so they can be sure, that no one would be able to trace their transactions.

CryptoMixer is the best mixer for coins, here are some reasons why

While creating this service, developers kept in mind all problems of the Bitcoin commune and they were trying to make the system convenient for every member. On the first place for us is, no doubt safety and security of the users, while they are using our blender for coins. Therefore, we created following rules and ensuing them every time:

The stage of the security is really high

We are using smart coding, that means, that you can be sure in the safety of all stored data and minimization of the risks of the examinations of Blockchain. And also we are giving a unique clue to every user, that responds on not giving customers those coins, that they sent us after mixing. To add more, the system removes all info about your deals and used directions.

Really amazing abilities for mixing

There is really no matter how many Bitcoins you want to mix; our system would be the best place to do it anyway. One of the best things about the CryptoMixer, is that we have more than 2000 Bitcoins in our fund, so users are not waiting for their coins to been mixed, it is done just in the few seconds.

We have small fees and also provide the Letter of Guarantee

You won’t spend too much extra money on our services, instead of other systems, that have a fee 1% and more, we are working in another way. 0.5% and 0.0005 Bitcoins – all you need to restrict an access of the third persons to the data about your transactions.

Now you know everything to make your first transaction with help of the CryptoMixer!

Today in this article we have spoken about Blockchain technologies. If you are facing cryptocurrencies in your life, it would be really reasonable for you to know some information about the Blockchain. And even if you are a real master in this sphere, no doubt, you would find something interesting and maybe something that you have never heard before!

Digital passports will work on the blockchain

More than a billion people around the world are having difficulty, when they need to prove their identity. Microsoft wants to change this. Nowadays, the company is developing a decentralized digital identification system. She intends to assign a unique number to each person. It can be used in banking, healthcare and even when traveling around the world.

Over 270 billion dollars went through the blockchain.

Gartner company research shows that in the end of 2017, over 300 million transactions with bitcoins with total price over 270 billion dollars were conducted through the blockchain.

By 2024, the blockchain solutions market will grow to 60 billion dollars.

In 2017, the market of blockchain solutions was rated in 708 million dollars. According to the forecasts, by 2024 it will grow to 60.7 billion dollars. The biggest growth, would be connected with financial services.

Technology can be used to control power grids

Blockchain technology would make smart the methods of interaction between consumers and electricity suppliers more modern and. Data will be automatically saved to the appropriate registry.

Blockchain technology can fundamentally change the transportation industry

Providing a control system of transportation of thousands goods all over the world it a serious problem for the companies. Blockchain is able to simplify this process by translating document management into the electronic form. In the last article of the Bloomberg magazine mentioned that this technology would make an enormous change in the transportation industry. If the blockchain really simplifies the transportation, good in the world would become cheaper.

As you can see the range of possibilities of blockchain technology goes really far beyond just cryptocurrency transactions.


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